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What We Are About

Guardians, or a Guardianship Agency, are appointed through probate court.

Once we are appointed guardian and/or conservator over a ward, it is our responsibility to make sure the wards business and medical needs are taken care of.

We know each case and need may be different, but the care and concern will be the same for all.

The guardian will have the power and responsibility to make certain decisions about the care of another person (the ward):

  • Decisions on where the ward will live.
  • Assist with medical insurance and/or Medicaid - Medicare. The type of medical care they will receive and who will care for the ward on a daily basis.
  • If the ward has a reduced life expectancy due to a long term illness, the guardian may have the power to make an informed decision on behalf of the ward regarding receiving, continuing, discontinuing, or to refuse medical treatments.
  • Assist with making end of life wishes.
  • Now a full guardian can make all decisions for the ward.
  • A limited guardian can only make decisions for the ward that the court allows.
  • Assist with transportation (if needed).

A conservator is the person (or agency) appointed by a probate court and given power and responsibility for the estate (financial assets and property) of an adult ward:

  • We are not responsible for a wards debt, but will assist with handling the wards business.
  • If the ward cannot sign their documents, any and/or all documents will be signed the Estate of (the ward) by Conservator Attendee Services, LLC by (an agent) with title.

Conservator Attendee Services, LLC works with:

  • Financial Advisors
  • CPA
  • Attorneys
  • Life Insurance Company
  • Property Management

Please note our new address:

Conservator Attendee Services, LLC
22209 West 11 Mile Road #3062
Southfield, MI. 48037